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Comic-con game pics


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I uploaded a bunch of pics I took of games at Comic-con. It was tough getting good images between handholding the camera and the games moving so fast that the screen would come out all blurred, I selected the shots that came out moderately recognizable. Some games (like Metroid Prime 2) I shot a ton of images, but the game was movign so much that they were all blurry.


Anyway, you can find them here

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One other thing. These are all just raw shots scaled down, if you want to see a particular one in more detail I can crop it, just ask.


The real shame was the Gradius V shots, again a fast moving game that moved too much while the shutter was open. The game looks fantastic though.

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I didn't play anything! I simply didn't have time to wait in the lines, which for some games were more than 15 deep.


Jak 3 looked like a riot, the part I saw had the player driving some kind of gun-mounted truck (yes, like the Warthog), the guy playing was driving around and shooting a green laser like mad...


Metroid Prime 2 looked gorgeous. I think a touch better than the previous one.


Hot Shots Golf Fore looks sweet. I was easy to get pics of too because it doesn't move fast. One small thing I noticed is that when you putt and the ball starts to curve, the camera tilts to accentuate the curving motion...


I can't say too much about the RTS and RPG games as I don't play them enough to judge. Although LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth looked really incredible.

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Oh sweet, they're doing the Mospeada series of Robotech as a game? That was my favorite part. I always had a soft spot for those bikes that turned into armor

Yep! The New Generation/Invid Invasion/Mospeada was my favorite of the Robotech series.


I wish I never traded in my RObotech Collection DVDs. :(

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Thanks, Ed! I find it curious that many publishers / developers choose to show their games in 16x9 stretched mode, though. Sure, the widescreen LCDs and Plasmas look great, but showing off a squashed game just doesn't jive... to me...

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