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Childhood Memories for Sale


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Meh. Knight Rider. Pah! He wasn't half as good as Airwolf!


Have you looked at the rest of that auction, by the way? LOOK! Its the actual Ten Commandments. Just the thing for building your own Ark Of The Covenant.


Kim Novak's dress from Vertigo! See what I mean about stick your Knight Rider?


Jay. You NEED this


Meanwhile, I need this. I just do.


One of my childhood memories. Mmm, Daryl Hannah...


And Another. Sean Connery kicked major arse.


Donatello, anyone?


aaaak. akakakak.


But best of all, in my opinion, This. Fuck your crappy Knight Rider. Right in the ear.


Sure. Its not a car. But this is, and it'll leave your silly Pontiac standing. Frankly, its worth the bid price irrespective of heritage.

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