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EA To Acquire Criterion

Chris F

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Burnout sequels are, frankly, a minor issue compared to the Renderware thing. If, God forbid, EA killed it, then that would put a serious dent in the schedules of both GTA: San Andreas and Pro Evolution 4, two of EA's biggest competitor games.

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Originally posted by dogbert@Jul 28 2004, 07:58 AM

I doubt they'll kill it, but I wonder if it'll make other developers/publisher hesitant to rely on technology owned by EA.

I forsee a lot of EA games being powered by Renderware very soon. Also I am willing to be they bought Criterion not because of their games, but because of RenderWare.

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Game Industry Biz chimes in:




EA plans to use Renderware - and the forthcoming RenderWare 4 system for next generation consoles - as the basis for its game development in future, and while Criterion will be managed from the EA UK Studio in Chertsey, only a few miles away from Crtierion's Guildford headquarters, the RenderWare project will be managed separately from EA's local studios.


Crucially, EA has also confirmed that it will continue licensing the company's middleware technology to other developers. The RenderWare platform is used by a large number of other publishers and developers around the globe on key projects. The irony that they will now be licensing their core technology from their biggest rival will, however, almost certainly not be lost on many of them.


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Originally posted by iCamp@Jul 28 2004, 08:17 AM

Looking forward to Burnout 2004, Burnount 2005, Burnout 2006, etc.....

Beat me to it. I hear that in 2007, Burnout will get a new track, a new car, and new paint skins for the old cars. However, due to the time constraints imposed by this huge update, Xbox Live support will not be included.

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