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I have a laptop with win2000 that i got for school next year. The thing will not let me play any of my older games. I need some XCom loving.

I think I have the xcom windows edition (not sure i'll check when i'm at home). Whenever I run the program it loads up fine and plays the music but the screen is flickering and is unreadable. I've tried changing resolutions but it's not helping any.

Is there an easy trick I can do to get this to work or should i just install a second O/S? and if so which of the "newer" O/S works best with older games?

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You might want to try enabling compatibility mode and see if you have any luck with it. I'm not at home so can't point you to the registry file you need, but if you're comfortable doing it manually, you can go here for step-by-step instructions.


Hope this helps.

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do i have to do anything special to get dual boot to work?


I highly suggest that you install 98 first. You'll want to create at least 2 partitions, preferably 3 (1 for 98, 1 for 2000, and 1 for shared files).


Install 98 to the C: drive and get all your drivers and software running, then install 2000. Install 2000 to your D: drive using the NTFS file system. Get everything up and running and have fun :D You'll be prompted at startup to select an OS.

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I can use fdisk to create the partitions right?


and from fdisk i can choose fat, ntfs, and "shared"?


Yes, you can create all the partitions with fdisk, but it's when you install Win2k that you'll be asked about NTFS and FAT32. Also, make sure you format the shared drive with FAT32, otherwise your 98 box won't even see it.


I'm not sure on how big your drive is, but I would make the partitions like this:


Win98 FAT32 3GB (3072KB) C:

Win2k NTFS 4GB (4096KB) D:

Remaining space FAT32 E:

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