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Rainbow Six 3 "League"


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Hey guys!


I have developed a site for a R63 "LEAGUE"...


Instead of random challenges, you will have a schedule to play...


Think of this:

- There are conferences and divisions

- There is a playoff system

- There are tournaments

- Special challenges

- Each game you win you will receive points to improve your standings


Win your division to go to the playoffs for a league champion at the end!


Here's the setup:

- 1 captain per team

- 1 2nd in command per team

- 6 other privates


You can edit your:

- Squadname

- color

- upload a pic of each team member

- upload a squad flag


There will be a 17 week season (Tour of Duty) and every game you play (League game, Tournament, or special challenge games) will increase your point total for the overall season rankings...


This is a very different type of experience for you Rainbow 6 guys...it will be adding 1 thing that all other clan sites don' have - ORGANIZATION...


Please email cwhite@fhhlc.com or AIM: toadsterdude33 anytime to get your squad going... or reply here and get in touch with me...


Here is the website address: http://xblr6.servegame.com





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