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Favorite Late Night Television Host?


Who is it?  

  1. 1. Who is it?

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I'm a Leno fan. Although I do enjoy Conan (his week in Canada was fun) he's on too late and I'm usually asleep by then. Leno has Headlines and Jaywalking which I like. Sure, he is a terrible interviewer, but I just can't stand Letterman. His Top Ten lists just don't seem that funny most of the time.

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Definitely Letterman for me, I've been a fan since the mid 80's, and while I don't stay up that late as often, I still watch him when I do. Leno irritates me, I never found him funny, even in standup. I tried to get into Conan, and I find him mildly funny, but not enough to watch regularly.


I love the absurdities of Letteman's show, from dropping things off a 5 story tower, to running things over with a steam roller, to stupid human and pet tricks, to will it float, is this anything, and on and on. I also love the way he uses the show staff (like Bif Henderson) on the show. The segment where the two stage workers read transcripts from Oprah is positively inspired.


I also like Craig Kilborn, but he's hit and miss. When he's 'on' he is hilarious, but he's not on enough, IMO.

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I miss Johnny - I have his "greatest hits" dvd set and it is still very funny.


If it was the 80s - 90s I would have definately voted Letterman, but lately I don't know if he has changed or I have but he is wearing thin.


So I voted Conan. He is funny, does wacky stuff, and I feel that he really supports up and coming bands and several of my favorite artists. It doesn't hurt that I finally got around to watching him interview the Peter Pan guy on tivo last night. That was one for the anniversary shows.

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Leno's brand of comedy for the masses bores the life out of me.

I voted for Letterman out of loyalty. I've watched him on and off since the 80's. Letterman is also the best interviewer of the late night crop.

Conan is a close second for me.

Jimmy Kimmel's show is very good too...I just forget to tune in enough. I love that he hates Leno.

Craig Kilborn is just not funny. Better than Leno though.

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Letterman, based on the older shows. If you weren't around for those shows you really missed out. When Leno used to appear the two together had the best shows ever on late night. Shame that had to end. Leno toned down to appease the masses after he got the tonight show, and that's just a shame.


No the best interviewer as of right now is none other than Triumph!!!!

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Voted for Conan. Definitely the funniest show overall, and part of that has to do with Triumph.


Leno's monologues occasionally get some good laughs, especially when he rips on politicians. Sometimes his jokes border on cruel.


Letterman's just kinda there. He's funny but not hilarious.


John Stewart I hated at first but that's because I only watched his daily updates rather than the show itself. When he's on the show he's a riot and I think a lot of that has to do with the crowd.


Kilborn was funny when he used to host the Today Show but I haven't seen him lately.


Kimmel is dead. Without Adam Corolla and the Juggies he just doesn't cut it, and even back then half of his humor was forced.


Carson Daly can eat hot death on a stick*.


*edited for FCC approval

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