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Lots for sale - stuff you'll actually want


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Hello fellow LCVG'ers. I'm getting ready to move into an apartment and decided it's time to get rid of some stuff. Please read the post carefully as I'm doing my best to specify the condition, alot being sealed. Everything listed was bought new except the GBA games. I'm extremly anal about my stuff so anything you buy will be in great shape (again, most are still sealed). For references, I believe I'm up to a +21 on the HTF good trader's list and have sold stuff on here before. All prices include shipping. My preferred method of payment is PayPal (non-CC), but a mo, check, or cash will work. Here's what I'm selling.



Sealed $5 CC Games

These will be $10 for one, and then $2 off each additional title purchased.




Dead to Rights (2 copies)

Tony Hawk 3 (2 copies)

Ford Racing 2

Haunted Mansion

All-Star Baseball 2004



Turok Evolution


State of Emergency

Devil May Cry (2 copies)


ESPN Hockey



Home Run King (2 copies)



Megaman X4


Opened, great condition



Project Gotham Racing 2 - $22

Splinter Cell: Pandora's Tomorrow - $36

Max Payne - $12




Hot Shots Golf 3 - $12



Golden Sun (catridge only) - $14

Donkey Kong Country (catridge only) - $14





GBA Player - $42


GC Package

This package I am selling for a friend of mine. He bought it used about 3 months ago. It includes a jet black system, 2 jet black controllers, Rogue Leader, Super Mario Sunshine, and Wind Waker. You can check this link for pictures. He's asking $120 shipped for the entire package. If you have any other questions about this package let me know and I will find out.


I believe that covers all of the games. I'm still sorting through the dvds and will post those later. Please don't hesitate to send me a pm or drop me an email to Adam1586@hotmail.com if you have any questions.

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