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Doom 3 vs. Halflife 2


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Doom 3.


Half Lifes 2's delays hurt and I think that hurt will spill over to retail. Not to say the game will sell badly (that would be an extemeley stupid remark) as I'm sure it will be a hit and a half but Doom has the sudden announcement of finally going gold and a solid release but a mere 2 weeks after going for it. The momentum is there and the tech behind it is I'm sure causing PC parts manufacturers and OEM's to grin ear to ear. I think Doom will make the bigger splash.

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This is a tricky question. Initially I think DOOM3, but over the long haul Half Life 2 (assuming they are equally good games.) Valve are such phreaks for mod support that I don't see HL2 going down in sales for a long time. Especially if they release CS and TF2 as freeware mods, that's too much free goodness to pass up (even for an aging gamer like myself.)


DOOM3 I can see playing SP game at least twice, but MP remains to be seen.


EDIT: Like it matters to us. Name one person in this poll that isn't going to buy them both on launch week! :lmfao:

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