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Madden 2005 vs ESPN NFL 2K5


What Xbox game will sell more copies - Madden or ESPN?  

  1. 1. What Xbox game will sell more copies - Madden or ESPN?

    • Madden 2005 - Finally able to play on Xbox Live!
    • ESPN 2K5 - You can't beat $20
    • I'm figuring out a way to play Tecmo Bowl online :)

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Kinda like the HF2 vs DOOM 3 poll.


I'm making this an XBox only poll,since most LCVGers it seems play mostly on the monolithic machine. Personally, I think ESPN will sell more because of its $20 price point. But being able to play Madden on XBL will make the race closer than you would think...

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$20 or not, some people will refuse to give ESPN a shot. For that fact alone I think Madden will sell more. But I could be wrong. I think overall sales across all platforms Madden will be the defintie winner. It's defintiely possible that the numbers will be alot closer when narrowed down to XBox-only sales

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This is sort of a nobrainer poll. I think a more relevant poll would be what percentage in sales increase will NFL2K5 get this year over last year. That is something I am extremely interested in. As for Madden, well, Madden is one of the best selling videogames every year, forget about sports and forget about football. It isn't even a contest.


I wish it was though.

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While I think that Madden will sell more copies, I think Sega is just trying to let people "know" that ESPN is out there as a great game at a great price point and that will help them in the future.


I can't wait to hear what the sales numbers for the PS2 and Xbox version turn out to be.



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Guest Bryan

Madden will probably sell 5 - 10x more copies than ESPN. NCAA Football had an outrageous boost over last year on Xbox because of Live integration. Those who buy ESPN may also get Madden because they have so much money left over (raises hand).

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