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TV Guide Picks Top 25 scifi legends


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The new issue of tv guide is gonna do this top 25 scifi legends. So far from next weeks 3 covers and the tvguide.com site we know they picked


Dick Soloman-3rd rock from the sun

John Crichton-Farscape

George Jetson-Jetsons

Seven of Nine-Voyager



Fox Mulder



Jack O'neil - Stargate SG-1



A few of those dont belong at all as they werent on scifi shows. They were comedies. And 7 of 9 on there? Are they kidding. Lets see how much they butcher the rest of them. If Kirk isnt on there, but Picard is something is seriously wrong



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Lists like these always make me laugh, they never get them right. Its like ESPN's top 25 sports movies including Searching for Bobby Fisher, Jerry Maquire, among others. While Bobby Fisher was a good movie, its no damn sports movie. and Jerry Maguire was a chick flick no debate about it.


They just always throw in something that doesn't fit just to make a list.


Third Rock was by no means Sci-Fi

And the Coneheads, come on!!!

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