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Anyone remember "Number Invaders"?

Hunter P

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Not sure if you called this game something else in your part of the world.


This was a game that I remembered playing in the early 80's. It was played on a calculator watch. Numbers would scroll at the top of the LED display and you would have to punch in the numbers as they appeared or something like that. My memory is kinda sketchy.


I have been trying to find a watch that might have this game feature or maybe a PC clone. Anyone know what the hell I'm talking about? :cry:

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Damn, that brings back the memories of the old Letter Invaders game they used to have in the old versions of Mavis Beacon. Wow, I remember that from back when we had a keyboarding course in junior high just to give us some basic computer exposure.


Try to find one of these too :P

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I posted on the HTF and got enough of a clue to find the model of my old watch



Plus I found a PC simulator. Doesn't give the feel of playing it on the watch. However the site has other simulators for many of the handheld games I remember playing in the 80's. Enjoy



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