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MAME Cabinets


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Has anyone here built their own or refurbished an arcade cabinet to install a MAME system? I'm wondering specifically where people got their cabinets or how they built them, especially people who don't have the old Yankee Workshop out behind their house. I've considered bringing plans to a cabinet maker, as I can't find a cabinet myself.


Anyone have any experience with this?

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Yep that would be mine above :)


I've got a page about it that needs updating bad at: http://www.thatinter.net/tomorrowland/


The most important piece of advice:


Go to http://www.arcadecontrols.com/arcade.htm and read everything then start reading the forums at http://www.arcadecontrols.org/yabbse/index.php


I built mine in our garage from plans from online (it is based off of LuSIDs design you will find a link in the above pages). It was pretty easy to build, but if that scares you there are a number of kits available online (I've been eyeing a cocktail table kit myself).


I don't have much experience with using an existing cabinet but that really is the cheapest way of doing it as people practically give away old dead machines if you are in the right place at the right time.


I'm thinking my next project (before the cocktail table) will be a mini-Galaga machine or a dedicated shoot-em-up sit down machine that converts to a computer desk (still working out that one in my head).


Do you have any particular questions as a cabinet encompasses a wide variety of things...

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I guess my only question right now has to do with obtaining a cabinet. I live in an apartment and don't have any power tools aside from a drill, so it's tough for me to build a cabinet. I've been checking out the arcade newsgroups occasionally looking for cabinets for sale, but it's tough to get a decent one as, like you said, you have to be in the right place at the right time. I'm also particularly curious about your choice of television. There's a lot of info about the different refresh rates and how they work with different games, etc.


Your machine is excellent. Great work!

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Well the tv that is in there is a toshiba 27 in w/ component inputs - the video card is one of the ATIs that you can buy a component adapter for (and just select a 480i output). It looks very very close to an arcade monitor and you don't have to worry about refresh rates etc. Best of all its a lot cheaper.


Now if you go with an existing arcade monitor (or find a cabinet that includes one)really the video card to get would be the ArcadeVGA card from ultimarc.com. From what I understand then it is just a plug in and go situation.



You can go with a plain old monitor also - the only thing really to complain about it is they look too sharp. There are some tricks that make it look more original too.


Unfortunately I don't know much about where to find arcade machines.


Another option you might want to consider especially if space is at a premium in your apt is to get one of the nicer control panels and you can be playing on that w/ your PC until the right cabinet comes along. Then when that day comes you can either just mount the CP to the cabinet or just the guts if you want to use the original CP


I've heard a number of good things about SlikStiks (and I have their tornado spinner - its amazing). You can have them do everything or just buy blank CPs and put your own stuff in it.




One nice thing about theirs is they don't slap their logo all over it.

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I echo Kain's sentiments. I have played Zathras' box and it rocks. Funnest thing is to hit randomize and just play whatever game comes up ... we always have to hit the Continue button ;) ... but we'll play through the game in no time ... pretty awesome. He's got interchangeable tops ... one with a joystick, one with a roller ball, one with a two player setup ... just amazing.


The only downside was the month we never saw him on Xbox Live.

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