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Favourite Music Player?


What's your favourite type of Music Player?  

  1. 1. What's your favourite type of Music Player?

    • Apple iPod (Mini + All Gens included)
    • iRiver HP-120 ( or whatever other models)
    • MiniDisc Player
    • Good Old Fashioned CD player. (mp3-cd is included)
    • Creative Mega Jukebox I-Zen Super-thing.
    • One of the "lesser mp3 players" (RCA Lyra, small Sony's)
    • Other

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Originally posted by adamsappel@Aug 2 2004, 12:42 PM

I'm still a Minidisk man, though I am slowly skewing towards an iPod. Ed, what do you hate about MD?

I didn't like recording in real-time. A friend of mine bought a special CD-MD component that would let you do 4x recording from a CD, but that's a big investment just for that. Meanwhile, I can RIP CDs at 40x on my computer.


I didn't like carrying around 25 little discs, sure they're smaller than CDs, but it still gets to be a pain. I forget the time limit on the discs, 74min? Too short.


I don't particularly care for ATRAC, especially since you can't choose a quality/compression level.


I believe that Sony is making a new run at the MD market with high-capacity discs, but for me it's way too late. HD-based devices are so much better for portable music.

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I've got a net-MD player and with some various programs from around the web you can expands its abilities a bit and get a decent amount of music on them. Basically they just create a larger than CD cd-image and a fake db entry for all the song titles.


As far as MP3 players I have a tiny Rio S35 that I use on quick trips or when mowing the lawn etc.


Really and truthfully lately I've rarely been using the above.


I have the original Rio Volt CD-MP3 player that I listen to audio books etc on when I can't get to sleep. It was a very durable well built product and still works great.


When I go on trips that I will be gone a while actually I've been taking a nicer quality portable CD player and using a headphone amp on the line out. Combine that with a nice set of headphones and it is a nice way of reaching an audio nirvana in a hotel room. Cd player is a Sony D-EJ1000 it has amazing battery life even without the outboard AA add on. Hmmm just checked and it has been discontinued - no surprise there since it is a year or so old - but it looks like Sony no longer makes a "high end" portable CD player any more.


I've got a pair of Grado headphones and a pair of Sony Eggos from Japan depending if I'm in an environment that needs enclosed or would work with open air.


I do eventually want to get a HD based MP3 player but I may wait another generation to get battery life a bit better, but who knows what will happen... now where was that free ipod site...

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I had similar problems with Minidisc, Ed. NetMD drove me nuts because of the ridiculous conversion times required. I liked the sound quality, player/recorder size and the car remote, but the conversion time and hauling discs around was maddening.


And Chris, as to battery life, it's the iPods that have short battery life -- many other brands of HDD players (like my iRiver H-120) have loads of battery life in comparison. So there's no need to wait on that account. And I understand that current gen iPods are a lot better than before.



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I've got an aging MiniDisc recorder/player, and also love the sound quality that it provides, but agree with the issues of time to record, etc. (mine is Pre-NetMD).

I've also got one of the older (but not first generation) models of the RioVolt and it's mainly for trips. Of the HD players, I think the iRiver's are the most tempting to me.

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Originally posted by Bobbio@Aug 3 2004, 08:02 PM

I chose other Because I have my desktop, which has a shit pot of Mp3s on it, hooked up to my sourround sound system

You don't like reading, do you? Especially posts right before yours.


ahem hem. "I think I forgot the word portable in the title"

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