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Alien Hominid - New 2D Shooter for GCN and PS2


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I was reading this preview of this new 2D shooter game over at GameStop and I have to admit that it sounds like it's going to be pretty sweet. You play an alien whose spaceship has been shot down by the FBI, who in turn took it away from you when it landed on the doorstep of their headquarters. The whole point of the game will be to get it back by any means necessary. Since it is a shooter, the "any means" method involves lots of shooting and blowing things up, including scores of pathetic little humans! :green:


Looking at some screenshots, I must admit that I love the highly stylized cel shaded retro look. It reminds me a bit of Viewtiful Joe on acid. Home theater gurus such as myself will be happy to hear that it will support 480p on both systems and will even offer up a 4-player co-op mode. Hooray!


Anyway, check it out. It's due to arrive this October. If it's good, I certainly hope it finds an audience and doesn't get lost in the Holiday season shuffle.

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IGN has posted some impressions of the latest build along with some new movies. The seemed pleased with it so far:


Alien Hominid isn't just about walking to and fro blasting things, however. This two-dimensional throwback to 16-bit days of old also features a unique art style, some unequivocally laughable encounters, and a lot gameplay-centric fun. Did we mentioned its insanely-blasted-bloody-damned-hard.


The article also details some of the alien's moves, weapons, and the vehicles that can be driven. The new movies look damn good as well; I highly recommend you all check them out.


One more thing -- the article (unfortunately) does not specify which version (GCN or PS2) they are playing, which is a shame since it would be nice to know from which version these impressions are being made.

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Originally posted by Pharmboy@Nov 10 2004, 05:15 AM

Like the look, love the price, no way I'm getting it because of the timing of its release.

Same here. I think once all the mania of the next couple weeks ends, I'm just going to take my time and slowly go through the backlog I will have accumulated. Alien Hominid is definitely on my to buy list. It just probably won't be bought until next year.


Although now that I think about it, I'm thinking that the price of $30 would make it a perfect item to put on my Christmas list.

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As usual, there's too many games coming out this time of year. Still, this one's on my short-list of games to buy. Old school Metal Slug-like gameplay with two-player co-op and funky graphics? I'm in! :green:


I seem to remember that this was $19.99 when it was first announced. Does anyone know if this is the case, or am I imagining this?

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Well, if you haven't already ordered one, Dan, it's sold out.


Been playing the Xbox version & really enjoying it. It's tough. It's fun. It's 'old school'. Fans of Metal Slug should definitely be interested in this.


It's very hard, like Metal Slug, but every time I progress a little further, I learn the skills needed a little more.


The PDA games are very fun too.


But its not Viewtiful Joe


Despite them both being 2D sidescrollers, they play quite differently. Viewtful is much more about combos & chaining attacks. Hominid is much more Metal Slug-like (near identical in fact).

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It's well worth picking up. I'm absolutely loving it - my skills are to the point where I can get to about midway through the game, but I'm reaching an absolutely cheap boss that I can't quite figure out the pattern/secret to defeat, which is soaking up a lot of lives/continues.

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