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Who's your top WWF/WWE World Heavyweight Champion?


Who is your choice for best WWF/WWE World Heavyweight Champion?  

  1. 1. Who is your choice for best WWF/WWE World Heavyweight Champion?

    • Bruno Sammartino
    • Hulk Hogan
    • Randy "Macho Man" Savage
    • The Undertaker
    • Bret "Hitman" Hart
    • Shawn Michaels
    • "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
    • The Rock
    • Triple H
    • Other (Bob Backlund,Yokozuna,Chris Benoit,etc.)

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This poll should have many different answers...


While some of my favorite champions include Hulk Hogan,The Ultimate Warrior, & The Rock - my favorite & who I consider one of the best ever is Bret Hart. He started off small,made a great tag team with Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, & basicially carried the WWF in the middle 90's.


That's my pick - what's yours?


(Note: NWA/WCW poll is forthcoming - I'll do an AWA one if there is interest)

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Let me just start off by saying the mere fact that NOBODY mentioned Ric Flair is cause for all of you to get chest chopped. Like him or hate him, Flair was the shit. :D


So anyway, my vote was for Kurt Angle. :D (sorry Ric) This man has wrestled more classics in his brief career than anyone on this list. He has had matches with Rey Mysterio, Brock Lesnar, Shane McMahon, Chris Benoit, and Edge that were all INCREDIBLE. It's a shame Bret Hart is in no condition to come out of retirement to wrestle one last match against Kurt. It's an even bigger shame that Kurt's career is pretty much coming to an end because of his neck.


Runner Up: Benoit. If you don't believe me, buy his DVD and watch it from beginning to end. 18 years is too long for this guy to wait to win a championship. Meanwhile some jackass like Randy Orton gets pushed to the moon just because he's "third-generation" and he's friends with Triple H - sorry Randy, rolling around in thumbtacks in one match against Mick Foley doesn't qualify you for a belt. Come back in about five years when you've paid your friggin' dues.


As for the people on the list, Hogan and The Rock were definitely entertaining but limited as wrestlers. Austin only got to show his abilities as a wrestler when he wrestled as a heel, which is unfortunately because he could easily hang with the likes of Benoit, Regal and Angle if he wanted. Sammartino was tough as nails and could kick your ass with one hand behind his back. Savage has some classics, namely the Ricky Steamboat match. Bret Hart gets points for his workrate, his record, and his arsenal. Triple H in his prime could pull off some classics. Shawn Michaels was incredible in the ring and still is now. Undertaker was hit or miss as far as his matches went; occasionally he could pull off an incredible move such as a plancha over the top rope, but overall he doesn't do much for me.


Mick Foley also holds some sentiment with me only because I admire the living hell out of him. Eddie Guererro also deserves some props as well in spite of his personal demons. Jericho would be higher on my list if the WWE and the WCW didn't misuse the hell out of him. For him to hold the belt five months and still come across as the biggest joke in the industry is just wrong.


Speaking of joke: my vote for the WORST world champion would have to be Justin Brandshaw Layfield. When you have people like Angle, Guererro, Rey Mysterio and even John Cena who are far more deserving of the belt, giving it to Bradshaw is senseless. Someone needs to give Vince a reality pill and make him realize decisions like this are partly to blame for Smackdown only pulling 2000 people at a time at house shows. Runner up: The Big Show - I can sum my feelings toward him in three words: lose some weight!!!!!

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Since the vote is for greatest champ, I went with Hogan. When I was a kid nothing beat Hulkamania...no matter how many times the dude hulked up it always seemed exciting.


Ric Flair did not do a lot in the WWF/E as far as being a champion goes. If you talk about the other feds then he might be the man. I kind of miss the old days when there was more competition. I can't even watch the shows anymore. The programs just aren't compelling enough and many times the wrestling itself is bad.


BTW I still think one of the funniest bits in wrestling is when Steve Austin and Kurt Angle were heels trying to suck up to Vince. When they did the routine with the cowboy hats and singing songs it was great.....almost as great as the Vince hospital visit by Mick Foley and Dr. Austin.

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