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Microsoft eyeing Nintendo


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I'm calling bullshit. That link points to an area of Yahoo where numerous, fake or erroneous press releases and information can be posted. It's the same thing like when threre was a "press relase" that Andy Kaufma was alive and well and working on a weblog a few months ago.

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Smartest idea ever, and it's quite likely that Gates might have said something to that effect in passing, but no damn way would he actually be "considering it" the way they put it here, like it's some in process business thing.


A combined MS/Nintendo platform would probably be the juggernaut necessary to cripple the Sony sales machine at last, but it's totally wishful thinking, and I'd rather see Nintendo stay out.


And I have NO worries about it happening since this article will be proven bullshit in a couple days if not sooner :green:

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