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Advance Wars 2


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Is anyone else playing this gem of a game? I missed out on the first one since I didn't have a Gameboy at the time. But being a huge TBS fan, this was the first game I bought when I purchased my new GBA. Man this game rocks. It very much reminds me of the old SSI Generals game's. It's the only game that's pulled me away form KotOR for any length of time lately.

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I have played the first one extensively and just loved it. I am waiting for the price to drop on the second one a little bit before I pick it up (though I notice that doesn't happen much on good GBA titles). :(


I am the opposite, I was playing a lot of Advance Wars still until KOTOR came in the mail, now I'm dedicated to a new game! :)

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John - It is worth picking up the first one as well. It doesn't have every bell and whistle of the second, but the gameplay is just as fun and the COs retain most all of the same abilities. Except for Eagle, that guy is hardcore overpowered in AW1. I love em both, I must have spent 200 hours playing AW1 off and on since it came out.

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I haven't picked this one up yet. I extensively played AW1 but have read several times that AW2 is more of an expansion pack than a true sequel. I'm sure it will eventually find its way into my collection, but at this point in time I have a large enough queue. I'm still trying to finish up Tactics Ogre, but I have a feeling that I'll push that aside after I acquire FF Tactics Advance tonight.

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