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Wow, end of the month!


I'll be picking it up for sure, and possibly run a league after the NFL2K5 league is done. Of course Halo 2 will be out at that time, so I'll have to guage interest then.


Hopefully they fixed some user interface quirks... like the line change boxs blocking part of the screen even though you have changes off. Gameplay I hope remains much the same.

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Also hope they fix the injury bug during the franchise mode, by the time I made it to the playoffs with the Flyers last year I had not a single regular player on the roster, they were all hurt. Had to try to win it all with a bunch of minor league guys and free agent cast offs.

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:tu: Big Thumbs Up here for this title. Thank you again Sega for the $20 online sports titles. :green:


With a possible lockout this might be the only fix hockey fans get this season. :P


So, what are the prospects for getting a tourney going for this game, like the one we have in NFK2K5? I'd suspect we'd have a slightly smaller league, but at the price point we should definately have some interest. Right guys? :D

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I'm definately up for a league or a tourney.


Looking at the videos over at the ESPN games site really got me excited to play some hockey. They're actually encorporating features that make it play more like actual hockey, like a pressure sensitive dump button. Pinning guys against the boards.


This could be a lot of fun to learn.



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Hey Dean, what exactly did EGM say was wrong with NHL? I'm going to buy a hockey game this year - just one. ESPN Football seems to have been declared the winner over Madden at Gamespot and most people here seem to prefer it as well.


I'm not complaining about the price either of ESPN Hockey over NHL either. :) Hopefully GS does another head-to-head when they are both out.

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I'll have to check the magazine when I get home since I don't remember it thouroughly. One of the major complaints was that players went down way too easy in NHL. They also liked ESPN incorporating a Hit Stick, ala Madden. I'll post more after I get home from work.



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