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Surge Magazine

Atomic Dog

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I was browsing the magazines at the grocery store last night and came across This magazine.


Surge website




I've only had time to browse through it, but it seems like a pretty decent magazine. It has a nice clean layout, they don't feel the need to fill every nook and cranny with stuff. From what I've read so far the writing seems a little more geared towards the adult crowd. Granted, my only other game zine exposure is my free subscription to Gamepro, which is barely worth a flip-through while I'm on the crapper. They've got the usual review/preview stuff, but also some other interesting reading. (There is a small article about female gamers, and one about the current state of MMORPG gaming. -- sidenote: what does MMORPG stand for, anyways?)


It looks like they cover the consoles and PC games fairly equally.


According to the website, this is only the third issue. For the moment at least it's got my attention.


Has anybody else seen this?

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I picked up the first issue at a magazine stand in my local mall. It is trying to target the older gamer, so there is no 1337 speak. Nice article on gaming PC's and very classy layout.


Since I already get Game Informer, OXM, XBN, EGM and Gamepro I need another game magazine like I need a hole in my head :shock: . (XBN, EGM and Gamepro were all free subs.)


I'd gladly swap it out for gamepro though, what a waste of trees...


Gamepro, which is barely worth a flip-through while I'm on the crapper

Well, it could be worthwhile if you ran out of TP. :D



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Nah. Think of all the smearing that glossy print would cause.


Yeah, and who wants the ink from those yucky articles smearing on thier backside. ;)


I've tried to get a number of those free subscriptions and have yet to recieve one. I've given up on it at this point. :(


Surge looks interesting, I'll keep an eye out for it.

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I know some of the editors, as well as a guy who's been writing for them for a while. Their management and funding is a mess, and they're having a hard time putting out each issue on time. Good idea, though - they want to pick up where NextGen left off.

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