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Worms 3D... The Thread


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Worms 3D discussion has cropped up in a few other threads in the past, so instead of hijacking those once again, I'll start it's own.


First off, some movies... http://www.xblgamers.com/movies/worms3d/index.html


And 2nd, it's looks like online support for any of the consoles is a no go :(http://www.worms3d.com/about.html?area=plat


Real shame because I was looking forward to this as a Live title. I'll probably pick it up for PC now though.


The game is coming out for all 3 consoles, as well as PC and MAC, so anyone reading this should be able to give it a try

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I'm also surprised that this game will not be Live-enabled. I've played several incarnations of the Worms series, and it begs for online play. However, since I currently do not have an Xbox, and therefor do not have the Live service, this is of little consequence to me.


I do feel for all of you, really.


One word: Gimme!

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The official PC demo is now available from Team 17 and various other download places. It's 2 player MP only with a smallish selection of weapons. An unofficial demo was leaked a little while ago, but it doesn't feature everything this one does.


I'm not sure what I think of it yet. It looks nice, and it certainly plays like worms, but the 3D view and environments make it kind of difficult to setup your shots, and throwing grenades across the maps seems like it would be near impossible.


Blimp view is set to E, not R as stated on the controls screen.

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Well, hopefully it turns out for you guys, but remember that some franchises were not meant to be taken to 3D. Actually, a lot weren't ;).


I mean, look at Lemmings. That game was nothing less than brilliant in its early incarnations, but got progressively pointless. The switch to 3D did not help.

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