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Pixar extends relationship with THQ


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Looks like THQ will be publishing Pixar-based games for a while to come. Including movies not affiliated with Disney.


The new agreement between Pixar and THQ will begin in 2006 with Pixar's first wholly-owned feature film produced outside of its existing relationship with Disney and continue with the next three wholly-owned Pixar feature films. The worldwide deal extends four years after the release of each film and includes all current and future video game console systems, PC/MAC, as well as handheld and wireless devices.


I have to admit to never having played a Pixar title, do they suffer the movie-license curse?

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Seems to me, and this may be hugely n?ive, that Pixar has all the makings of a good game company themselves. They have the technology, they have the creative talent in spades.


Then again, maybe they are smart to keep focused on films and leave the games to other companies.

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