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Has anyone tried Galleon?


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I played for about 30 minutes this morning, then the whole "have to go to work" thing kicked in, otherwise, I'd still be playing. I enjoyed it, it was all tutorial for the intro, but the graphics, while not special, are well done, it's a style I like.


I guess this is from the original creator of Tomb Raider, and within 10 minutes, you'll see it's a million times better then Tomb Raider:AOD. I'll let you know more when I play longer....



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Ok, I'm done with this game. Done... you ask? No, just done playing. I'm only about an hour in, but the controls, screw em'. Back to Tomb Raider days, try this jump, miss it, climb back up for 10 minutes, try again, miss it, repeat...


No way, not with games controlling like Prince of Persia out there, I won't accept this... too bad really, the game had promise. Perhaps I'll try again someday, but not anytime soon...



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