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Decent component switcher for not much $

General Zot

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Anyone use component switchers/selectors for thier consoles? I have 2 xboxes and 1 PS2 that all use component output for 480p on TV. I want to have them all on the same TV input, so a switcher sounds like a good idea.


What I really want to find is:

* One that works decently for 480p

* Not very $$$

* One that auto-senses the active input if possible (I only use one console at a time ever)


There is a $13 at lik-sang, but I wanted to shop around for some opinions before I commit to a purchase. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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The only component video switcher I know of that auto senses a signal is the Audio Authority 1154, which happens to be what I use to switch my game systems. Overall, it works quite well with only an occasional kink. However, it's well beyond your specified budget.


For what it's worth, MrJames' suggestion should work just fine. I used something similar to that before I bought the Audio Authority box and it switch component video signals without any noticeable loss in quality (at least on my system. You will have to give up the auto-sensing capability you want, but you will need to spend more money to get a device with that luxury.

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I will second the suggestion that a simple AV switcher that can be bought anywhere will work just fine. I had the additional problem that the component inputs on my TV are segregated into progressive and non-progressive type, but luckily Radio Shack had a 3 in, 2 out switcher that lets me swap between the 3 systems and also swap which input the signal goes to. All but the crappiest switchers should work great for what you need with minimal, if any, picture quality degredation.

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