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Starbreeze's The Darkness (Xbox 360 and PS3)

Romier S

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So heres the report:




Today, Starbreeze CEO Johan Kristiansson posted a Swedish-language note on the studio's site saying he had signed a "letter of intent" with an unnamed American publisher to developer an unnamed game. "Following our success with Riddick, many leading publishers have shown interest in working with us," he said in a statement. "That has given us a good negotiating position and we have been able to choose between many different projects."


So how much money does someone want to bet me that said "unnamed American publisher" is EA? Just conjecture of course but given EA's position in the industry it would not suprise me one bit. If my speculation happens to come true perhaps we'll see this young studio put to work on EA's new Superman game? (considering they have been sitting on the license.).

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I'm not sure Superman fits Starbreeze's "style" of their two games so far.


It would be a definite change of pace for the studio, no doubt about it. They seem to prefer dark and gritty settings for thier games and the Riddick engine seems suited for just that. I've really enjoyed thier work as a studio so far however and I'd like to think they are capable of more than just that you know? Its mostly wishful thinking really as I would love to finally play a GOOD Superman game developed by a capable studio.


Let me be clear though, I'm not even remotely stating this is going to happen, just throwing out possibilities above anything else. A little fun speculation. The EA part however I have a strong feeling may end up happening.


...and given their history Superman are almost expected to suck.


Are you speaking of the Superman franchise Camp and its history of terrible games or the developers track record?

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The EA part however I have a strong feeling may end up happening.


Wouldn't suprise me either, and yes, it would be a major departure style-wise. I'm confident they'll come up with something interesting regardless.


Please don't get bought by the Borg though! :)

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I know it's just wishful thinking. Especially since Starbreeze mentioned that there wasn't a sequel in the works....BUT....I would love to see them whip out a sequel to Enclave.


Improved story, improved melee combat, and the "Riddick" engine. Man, that could be suhweet!!!! :tu:


To this day, Enclave still has THE best melee, imho.

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I also fall into the "I'd wish they'd do Enclave 2" camp. The first Enclave is an interesting example of a game that had all the elements of a AAA title, but was poorly received due to the lack of in-mission saving. I'll admit, I cheated and used the invincibility code because I couldn't beat the game in its normal form. I'd love a sequel with save points, more environmental interactivity, and some large scale pitched battle sequences,

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I also fall into the "I'd wish they'd do Enclave 2" camp


The problem with Enclave unfortunately is that the rights are in legal limbo. Swing, the publisher who owned the rights to Enclave went bankrupt leaving Starbreeze with little options as to what to do. I woud LOVE to see a sequel to the game though as many have already mentioned unfortunately I don't think we will for a very long time, if ever.

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The publisher has finally been revealed:


Starbreeze and Majesco working on next gen game.


Today, he elaborated on the choice of publisher. ?Majesco has a fine reputation in the development community for partnering with its developers to assemble a single, cohesive team dedicated to producing quality products. We are excited to be working with them on creating content for the next generation of video game systems.?


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Ran across some scans from a German magazine with a slew of shots from Starbreezes' new game scheduled for release on the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. The game definitely gives me a Condemned/F.E.A.R vibe in the looks department which isn't a bad thing at all.;) The engine itself is Starbreeze's very own tech by the way. Take a look:





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