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Game Stars Live

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There's a public games expo showcasing the latest and forthcoming titles on multiple formats in London next month. A five day event dubbed Game Stars Live from the 1st to the 5th of September.


I'm toying with going as it's only ?10 a ticket. It's a public thing, so I may not be able to fend off the kids in the puffy jackets who constantly hog the demo machines. Still, there is quite a lot set to be on show there;




Acclaim -


World Championship Rugby

Showdown: Legends of Wrestling



Activision -

Dream Works' Sharks Tale

Rome: total War

The Movies

Call of Duty: Finest Hour

Tony Hawks



Atari -

DragonBall Z: Budokai 3

DuelMasters Sempai Legends

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 ( :tu: )

Sid Meiers: Pirates

+ other titles



Digital Jesters -

Adventures of Shrelock Holmes

Bet On Soldier

Chaos League


Medieval Lords

Pro Rugby Manager 2005



Eidos -

Championship Manager

Crash and Burn

Get On Da Mic

Imperial Glory


Shellshock: Nam '67



Electronic Arts -

FIFA Football 2005

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005

Total Club Manager 2005

NHL 2005

NBA Live 2005

Madden NFL 2005.

Need for Speed Underground 2

Golden Eye: Rogue Agent

The Sims 2

Burnout 3

Medal of Honor Pacific Assault

Lord of the Rings: The Third Age

Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth

the Urbz: Sims the City

TY the Tasmanian Tiger

Timesplitters 3 Future Perfect.



Konami -

Pro Evolution 4



Microsoft -

Halo2 (and yes, it'll be playable!)

+ more TBA



Midway -

Mortal Kombat: Deception

NBA Ballers

Psi Ops



Nintendo -

Donkey Konga

Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Pokemon Fire Red

Pokemon Leaf Green

+ more TBA



Sci Entertainment Group -

Titltes on show TBA



Ubisoft -

Brothers in Arms

Splinter Cell 3

Prince of Persia 2

Ghost Recon 2

Rocky Legends


Star Ocean 3.



Vivendi -

Crash Twinsanity

Evil Genius

Fight Club

Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude

Men of Valor

Spyro: A Hero's Tail

Tribes: Vengeance


There are to be others present, but those are the main ones.


There's quite a lot there I'd like to see I must say, though again it's debatable whether I'll be able to move for kids to get a decent turn on anything. Curious to see what else Microsoft will show, and Nintendo as well... Sony are snubbing the event.


Nintendo's stand is said to take on the guise of a British Seaside theme for some reason, and it is vaguely noted that titles present will be 'never seen before by UK eyes' which I guess could mean anything from Animal Crossing to something closer to what they showed off at E3.


There will be a LAN area showing Final Fantasy XI and Everquest II, and it has been promised there will be a photo op with Bunny Girls at Ubisofts Playboy stand. :)


Halo2 will be shown off in it's own dedicated Halo 2 arena with servers set up for multiplayer... :tu: :tu: :tu: :green: :green: :green:


For ?10 though I should probably go, and a load of you may send me nasty messages if I don't go and miss playing Halo2. Anyone actually want me to go (with a camera) and try to see anything specifcally?


Iain, you interested in going to this? (though granted anything timed in September is going to be bad for you :) )...


Game Stars Live Official Website



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I hadn't really considered going, as I just figured the Chav content would be too high, but I'll see - taking time off is an obvious no-no (and since School wouldn't be back then, pointless), but I could possibly do the Saturday or Sunday, digital camera in tow. I'll check it out.


It occurs to me that the games I'd most want to check out (The Movies, Rome: Total War and Rollercoaster Tycoon 3) aren't going to be too kid mobbed anyway...

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I've updated the Nintendo list to include Metroid Prime 2, and the new GBA Zelda game which are now confirmed to be at the show next week. The Nintendo DS is not going to make an appearance which is a shame.


Other unannounced titles are expected. I'm hoping Resident Evil 4 will be there as it was at Nintendo's booth at a recent German games festival last week.



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I am still having to decide whether I'm going to go to Gamestars or not. I've just spent nearly ?100 on stuff for my mum for her birthday which is this Saturday, can't find anyone able to go to Gamestars with me, and wasn't able to get hold of a decent digital camera for taking shots. Thursday or Friday are still the days I am most able to go.


It starts tomorrow, so maybe feedback from those attending on the first day will sway me in making an ultimate decision.



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Well reports from the first day are appearing on various forums. Resident Evil 4 is not there, but Outrun 2 is. Pro Evolution Soccer 4 is there in both PS2 and Xbox incarnations, with the XBox version sporting a lovely 'Xbox Live' option in its front end.


Allegedly over two hour waits for Halo 2, a frighteningly high Chav attendance factor and moronic displays of bad MC'ing on the main stage.



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Originally posted by Daniel Brecher@Aug 9 2004, 07:42 AM

The kids are the most off putting element for me too. What's more, I don't know if the show is structured like E3 in that different days see different things being revealed or whether everything is on show from day 1 onward.



HALO 2 is reason enough to bear anything.

let me explain why

I went to the Cube Club a couple times very many kids but it was worth it to get my tates of of star wars rouge leader 3 ,pikman, and smash brothers to noame a few examples.

in fact when we left I was over stimulated, I needed to get some beer in me then it was straight to bed.


And this was just one night I don't think I could pathom a whole weekend.

:shock: :shock: :shock:

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I don't know really. I want Halo 2, but not enough to stand in line for two-hours just to spend five minutes with it. Only the multiplayer aspect is playable at Gamestars too, which isn't a bad thing, but still...


NTSC-UK website is hosting a 13minute video. You're left to guess what you're looking at, but there's some Outrun2, Burnout 3, Pro Evolution 4, Sims 2, Pacific Assault, T3: Redemption, Need for Speed, Evil Genius, Star Wars: Battlefront and the obligatory attractive women in skimpy clothes at various booths? Does anyone know what that rather nice 3rd person shooter is at around 3:10 in the video?


It?s not a bad video all in all, though not much time is spent to get a good look at anything, and it?s blurry, shaky camcorder stuff. The event looks fairly nicely laid out. No shots of Nintendo?s booths as yet though. It?s 13 minutes in all. Have a look here



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The one thing I feel bad about for not going is for the sake of Mark because Atari are apparently handing out Sid Meirs Pirates demo discs at their booth. :? I'm quite eager to see how that one turns out myself. As yet, no one who has been to the show has dished up any information, though hopefully some press got the demo and will do a report.



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