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Magazines Galore! Weeding out my collection.


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Hey everyone,


As some of you know,I'm going to be moving within the next couple of weeks. I have way too many books,toys & collectibles. As much of a packrat as I am - some of this needs to go.


Once I've finished going through what I'm getting rid of - I can let you know exactly what I have. I'll be honest - up front. I'm looking for either cash,DVD's,or games. These are some of the mags I'll be getting rid of:

  • Star Wars Insider
  • Star Trek Communicator
  • WIzard
  • Overstreet's Fan
  • Hero
  • Starlog
  • Sci-Fi Universe
  • Cinescape
  • Entertainment Weekly
  • Collectible Toys & Values
  • Wrestling stuff - PWI,Inside Wresting,etc.

Of course - this is a videogame forum. So,of course - I have gaming mags. Some of those include:

  • PSM
  • Game Buyer
  • Ultra Game Players/Game Players
  • EGM 2
  • PS Extreme
  • Gamepro
  • Nintendo Power

I have others,but as I'm still going through my collection,you'll have to let me know if there is something that you are looking for.


All of these books range from excellent shape to readable. If you are interested at all,please either post here or drop me a PM & we can talk. I'm talking probably a couple hundred mags in all here.


Thanks for reading!


PS: No,I am not getting rid of my Next Gen collection



Update: All mags are now history.Sorry...

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