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WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw


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After last years fantastic Here Comes the Pain, the new Smackdown game is easily one of my most anticipated games of the year. Gamespot has a new Q&A with the Associate Producer of the game. Reading the article, it sounds like THQ is really taking the WWE experience to the next level in videogames. All kinds of great new things are being implemented, such as a mini games that start the match (shoving and chop contests :) ). Also there are many new screenshots up of the game, including this one.



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Unless they make some drastic improvements to the playability of the game (which was fine in HCTP) and the new game modes are good enough to warrant a purchase, I'm not buying it. I invested way too much time creating the wrestlers in the current game that I own and considering how skimpy the roster is in the new one, I can't say I want to spend all that time recreating wrestlers all the hell over again.


And considering how effing atrocious the comentary tracks were on Just Bring it and Shut Your Mouth, the fact that they're bringing JR, Lawler, Tazz AND Michael Cole back to do commentary (AND all of the wrestlers on the roster for story mode) doesn't thrill me in the least. It's time better spent working on the game itself and beefing up the roster to where it should be.


The Rock wasn't even listed on the damn roster this year.



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Bret Hart has at least been conversing with Vince McMahon on occasion. I have a feeling a lot of it has to do with a) this videogame and B) a career-retrospect DVD.


Bret has been talking for years about making one last WWE appearance at a major pay-per-view, but it has to be on his terms. So most likely he will either just make a speech and say goodbye officially, or he will do a run-in of some sort to screw Triple H, Vince McMahon, or Shawn Michaels during a match to exact revenge on them for the Montreal Screwjob at the 1997 Survivor Series.

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This game's stock just went back up. Road Warriors I'm not too keen on but with The Rock and Mick Foley back in, I'm psyched. Bret's definitely a huge plus.


Again, I'll keep an eye out and see just what this game's going to add to the pot and if it's worth it to trade in my current game in light of all the work I put in adding characters to the roster...

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Ok ive finally had a chance to play 20 or so match's. I must say that I pray and hope that online makes it into the final product. I can already see us doing online tournaments. Ill start off with the basic stuff.


There are a few log in problems with people who use routers at the moment. Kind of like the problem some xbox live games had. I can't host right now as it gives a connection error(even with the DMZ on the ps2), but i can join and once you do the game is a lot of fun. I havent experienced any lag whatsoever, which was a concern of many. One big negative is there is no voice chat at all. Luckily for all us with a Xbox we can use the live chat while playing. The one thing i hope they change is the need to enter a user name every time you log in. They should have it so you can register your tag.


Create a charector is as good as ever. Standard stuff, and you can also choose what signs your fans will hold in the stands. Lots of fun. The charector models are top notch. Some of the best ive seen. You can also now create your own stable of wrestlers so if you want your own group live evolution you can (this isnt unlocked in the beta , but is on the menu)


The beta only has 6 wrestlers in it (RVD, Rey Mysterio, Kane, Christian, Jericho, HBK). Ive played with them all. Kane needs a little work as he is way overpowering. I like HBK the best out of the 6 of them as all his moves are very fluid and are totally in his likeness


The new grapple system brings back memories of No Mercy which is a big :tu: in my book. Its gonna take me some getting used to with the Ps2 controller as i havent played much of the other Ps2 wrestling games. However the controls are very similar to No Mercy anyway. The L1 button does the finisher, you hold the o button and a direction when grappling to do different kinds of grapples and so forth.


There are a few things that need fine tuninig. Its a pain to try and do grabble moves to your opponent on the ground. Any time i have tried doing them my guy goes for the pin. They also need to fix the problem of after you do a finishing move your opponent pops right back up. Its one thing if you do the move early in the match. however it h appens even if your opponent if all red.


Ill have some more thoughts as i play more match's and check out the rest of the stuff that is unlocked on the disc.


The one thing i should mention is this is a online only beta test, so i dont know how the AI in the single player will be, or how the campaign mode is. Just the online part , and charector creation



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How many people can play at once online, Joey?


If it's more than two, is there any mechanic or hint of a mechanic for someone who logs on, sees two friends in match and then runs in as a spoiler?


I think that would be hilarious and could work if it can only happen for certain match types and if both players allow it. And maybe the spoiler has to be on both persons' "spoiler allowed" list.



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You can send them any comments you want on it pretty much. There is a thing to submit gameplay issues. Already filed a few of those , and a few tech problems.


They only have 1 on 1 match's in the beta and also b&p match's however since there are no women charectors /cant make women charectors in create a charector in the beta your wrestling with plain looking women figures.



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