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Donkey Konga demo in Cube kiosks!

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They'll be installed at Circuit City, Toys R Us GameStop and EB stores...


Donkey Konga demo song list:


Donkey Konga Theme

All The Small Things

Oye Como Va

Busy Child

You Can't Hurry Love


Other demos also on the disc:


Pikmin 2

Paper Mario 2

Mario Pinball

Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow


Can't wait to also try out Paper Mario 2!

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Originally posted by gwhinwi@Aug 14 2004, 09:50 AM

I saw someone playing Paper Mario 2 when I was at Target yesterday. I wanted to push the damn kid out of the way so I could get some time in, but for some reason I didn't.



I would have just knocked him out with a blunt object when no one was looing.


I take it then that the new demo disc is in stores. Hot dang! I'm going to have to go check it out and play me some Pikmin 2!

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Originally posted by gwhinwi@Aug 14 2004, 10:14 PM

Man... that Donkey Konga demo was the most fun I'd had playing a game in a while. The "pan" sensor is very good. I was not clapping too loud and the game was still picking it up.



I just did finger snaps and even in a kinda noisy store it picked it up no problem.

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Guest MrDarthVader

Picked up the Donkey Konga 1+2+bongos bundle from toysnjoys.com... this game is awesome! I highly recommend the Japanese version if you like Japanese music/anime (like me) which won't be found on the US version.


I also got in on the Sam Goody deal so I can play multplayer and also check out the US songs :D

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Originally posted by Nightwing@Sep 2 2004, 09:40 PM

Got to try this out today as we went & bought Pikmin 2. Did the Santana song "Oy Ye etc etc etc (sp) & I loved it! Didnt want to make too much noise & look goofy in public,but I can see this as the next really big party game.


We'll be picking it up.

He still looked kind of goofy. Good thing the store was empty other than the employee who we know very well in that " I buy all my games here " kind of way.


This looks like tons of fun, and our little one can join in the fun too. :tu:

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