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Originally posted by Covak@Aug 9 2004, 03:05 PM

So uhh, what's "the classic game of 20 questions"? :)

Well, 20 questions is a game best played on a long car ride. Basically, one person thinks of a person place or thing. The other person(s) ask a Yes or No question, such as the classic "Is it bigger than a breadbox?" The guessers have up to 20 questions to arrive at the answer, but they can make a guess at anytime. If you guess wrong, you lose. Guess the right answer before the 20 questions are up, and you win.


We play it all the time in the car when the kids are restless.


So it's seems like a binary search tree kind of algorithm, but this toy makes it interesting by adding a "don't know" and "sometimes" answer. It does seem to restrict you to only "things", so right away persons and places are ineligible.


I would think the database of "things" and their attributes would have to be gigantic, which is why I'm intrigued by this toy.




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