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Burnout 3 demo

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Anyone looking forward to this? I finally got around to playing the PS2 demo disc, and it's simply amazing. Only one track is playable, but WOW does this game look like it's turning out nice! A few quick impressions:


Holding the boost button causes the crash sequence to shift into slow-motion. It will do so as long as you continue to hold the button. When you release the button, it'll resume normal speed.


"Takedowns" are a lot of fun! When you "takedown" an opponent (cause it to crash), the camera will spin around and show the crash from another angle. This was at first a bit jarring, but I now think I'm used to it and like it.


It also seems do detect "near misses" much more easily than Burnout 2. You don't have to be nearly as close to the other car as you used to be.


The game will have oveer 30 locations spanning North America, Asia, and Europe and over 60 cars. Oh, and 100 courses for the Crash mode! :green:


I'll probably get the Xbox version of the game, however, because I believe it'll going to support custom soundtracks. That, and I'd rather play it on Xbox LIVE. But I can imagine how playing this with the Logitech wheel could be a lot of fun... Decisions, decisions.


There's also some great looking recent movies up at IGN and Game Informer, for anyone interested.

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