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Solitaire almost kills two people!

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The article


If this happened in America, the grandparents would be suing Microsoft for not having a warning pop-up when Solitaire is launched:


"WARNING: Do not throw yourself from the balcony if you do not get your turn to play Solitaire. You might actually land on and kill someone with a life."


I just don't understand this. It's freakin' Solitaire, people. Now, if we were talking about City of Heroes...

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If she wasn't an Olympic Judo champ, I would think he had pushed her off and the guilt made him jump himself later. But throwing a Judo champ out a window would be uhhh ... challenging at the least?


As Hannibal Lector observed, some people are just deep rollers. And deep rollers shouldn't play solitare I guess...

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