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XaviX game system


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I'd say you're not worrying without good reason either :P.


Looks primarily like a sports system to me. I'm dubious about the cost, that sucker must be extremely expensive. All three games have their own peripherals!! :shock:


The screen shots are all miniscule so it's impossible to tell if they even look halfway decent and the "demo" for the baseball title has a bigger graphic that's highly skewed coupled with a dearth of actual game being played footage. Apparently it's all pitching and batting, though how the hell they'll do virtual pitching without trashing the living room is beyond me.


Looks like a novelty to me, though I guess props for eliminating one design flaw from the Virtual Boy since it's unlikely this will break anybody's neck. Unless they swing that bat way too hard... :green:

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Gimmicky motion sensor technology with crummy games, is my guess, and yeah, you'll be stuck with zero longterm support too gamewise :) It might be fun though with the more "interactive" style controller for the shortterm.


I've visited the company behind XaviX and yeah, I suspect you'll get zero other games released.

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