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Best Buy price drops

heavy liquid

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Saw this posted at CAG. It should be effective immediately, and nationwide. Obviously, not every store will have every title, though.






Madden 2004

NHL 2004

FIFA 2004


Conflict desert storm

R: Racing Revolution


The Hobbit

Simpson's Hit and Run

Star Fox Adventures




Dragonball Z: Budokai


Game Boy Advance:




Max Payne

Onimusha Tactics

Crash Nitro Cart

Cat in the Hat






Syphon Filter

Crash Team Racing

Legend of Dragoon

Twisted Metal 4

Barbie Gotta Have....

NFL Gameday 2004

NBA Shootout 2004


PlayStation 2:




I Ninja

IHRA Motorsports

NCAA Football 2004 ( Year was cut off. Likely 2004 )

ATV Quad Power Racng

Warhammer 40K

Star Trek: SU

ESPN Football 2004

ESPN College Basketball 2004

Star Wars:BH

Cat in the Hat

NCAA Gamebraker 2004

NCAA Final Four 2004

NBA Shootout 2004




RainBow Six 3: To.....

GR: Jungle Storm

Champions of Norrath









Max Payne

NCAA Footbal 2004

Spy Hunter 2

Arx Fatalis


WWE Raw 2


Star Trek:SU

Sega GT Online



ESPN College Basketball 2004

Cat in the Hat

Kung Fu Chaos

NFL Fever 2004

Grabbed by the Goulies





Rainbow Six 3: To...




Matrix 4.99

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down 19.99

PainKiller 29.99

Forever Worlds 14.99

Mysterious Journey 2 9.99

Trivial Pursuit 9.99

Sra Wars: Knights of the Rebublic 19.99

Best of 2002 EA Sports 4.99

Rugby 2004 4.99

Breed 19.99

EA Classics: Madden, NBA Live, NHL, Nacar 4.99 each

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Originally posted by Tonner Cyn

How is Onimusha Tactics for the GBA? I generall like the tactics style games so at that price it's hard to not think about picking it up.


It got "okay" overall reviews (63% at Game Rankings). I'd say if you generally like tactical games, you can't really go wrong for ten bucks. I figure if I get even 3 hours out of it, it's still cheaper than if I paid full price for a bad movie.

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Originally posted by heavy liquid@Aug 10 2004, 02:54 PM

Let me know if you want me to look for anything as well, Iain...

Thanks for the offer (Thanks too to Leslie, who also offered to pick anything she could find up), but by the time you've posted it to the UK the bargains aren't quite so cheap, to be honest.


Besides, I've got this copy of Otogi lying on the shelf, which I grabbed for ?12.99 the other week, so I'm happy anyway ;)

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I have to say I really enjoyed the XBox version of Simpsons. Sure, its GTA3 for Kids, but there are definitely times when spotting the obscure Simpsons references is more fun than incessant bloodshed. Its also not too difficult, lacking as it does the really stupid "Find x items, unmarked on the map, within y seconds, while people shoot you" missions.

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