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Super NES, Same cable as Gamecube?


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My wife found me an SNES at a garage sale for $3 with a controller, but no games and no cables.


It appears from browsing ebay that the same cable for a gamecube will work with the SNES.


Can someone confirm this for me before I go out and buy a game?


Also, can you let me know if I'll get any kind of screen or sound if I turn it on without a game? (just to make sure it appears to be working)

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It does work, but there is no screen or sound if the system turns on without a game. (I think it's a blessing of the older systems that they don't have built in wait times.)


There will likely be a white blip of some sort when the system turns on, though, so look quick!


Your question reminded me that I could play my old SNES games with my Gamecube S-video cable.

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Thanks Steve and Nightwing!


I've got power, but no white blip. (might just be my tv's blue screen not detecting a signal for long enough)


I'll make a stop by gamestop tomorrow and buy myself a game, so I can try it out.


Man, I would have bet REAL MONEY that the cable was different for all Nintendo systems. I was so sure, I never even considered it as a possibility, until I did that Ebay search.


Thanks for confirming! Can't wait to do some retro gaming.


P.S. I have the RF switch, which I'll never need. If anyone has a need for a SNES RF switch, drop me a line and I'll send it to you.

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