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Man trips, touches Bride's butt,


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Where does the thought of even doing something like that comefrom?


*in Ms. Church lady voice* Hmm I oh dunno. Perhaps it was...SATAN!?!



Seriously though that is the only reasonable explanation I can give someone when I see horrible things like this happen. I cannot begin to fathom a normal human being doing something like this unless he/she is just simply comsumed with evil. Same can be said for people like Saddam, Hitler, etc. People like that aren't just born they are made by the circumstances that surround them and the choices they make.

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I suspect there's more to this story that is related in the article. Probably a long-standing animosity between these people. Then there is the fact that cannibalism isn't so uncommon in some pacific island populations (hence the regional disease Kuru, a.k.a. Mad Cow disease), although I have no idea if the Philippines are included.


I wouldn't think of trying to justify such a thing, but the reality is probably a great deal more complex than a short news article.

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Hah! Barely! I got married in the Philippines (it was cheaper with the money exchange) and when we were sitting in the dining room for the after-wedding party, these guys came in with these HUGE flaming torches and came up around behind me and my wife; it being the Philippines and being 105 at midnight, I had to put a LOT of gel in my hair to keep it from turning into a sweaty mess. Well, with those torches barely 2 feet from the back of my head, I thought my head was going to burst into FLAMES!!! :shock:

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Originally posted by Robot Monkey@Aug 11 2004, 05:44 PM

I wouldn't mind eating a person, I guess, as long as it was a free-range person and, perhaps, certified organic. Not dogs, though, that's just wrong.



I only eat people if they're low-carb.

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