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Kakuto Chojin


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Anyone know why this game was recalled?


I came across a free copy and played through it. Despite being a really bad one-on-one fighter with plastic graphics I cannot find anything "wrong" with it. No nudity, no foul language and, compared to other fighters, the violence is tame. There must be something in there...games don't get recalled simply for being bad (wish they did though).


BTW, love the knockout hit animation: you can hit a character in the foot for the KO and blood will fly from their head every time. :?:

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Thank you Scott.


A senior spokesperson for the company has informed us that the original press of the Kakuto Chojin disc contained religious chanting background sound that may have offended those of the Muslim faith.


Bummer...my copy doesn't have this chanting. I guess there's no collectable value with this copy.

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