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WOW. I've been following this game for a bit, and I had almost convinced myself to skip it. I figured I wouldn't get any time in it due to all the cool Xbox Live games coming out. Well IGN's massive preview has my mind made up.


I'm all over this game. :tu:


I'd post bits of the story, but there's too much good stuff. Just head over and read all 7 pages (with more to come) of it.



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I have a friend who writes for the NY Times and he's been playing the Xbox debug version of this game for a little over a week. To be honest, he's a bit underwhelmed. He says that the leveling up system has been dumbed down a bit, and is less organic than the developer and press has been having us believe.


He has an interview with Peter Molineaux (sp?) tomorrow (Thursday), and I'll be seeing him tomorrow night. I'll follow up with any updated information / input.


Regardless, I'm still all over this game.

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