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Windows SP2 Released

Robot Monkey

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I installed SP2 and understand from reviews I read that the built-in Windows firewall is now a heckuva lot better.


Does anyone know how good it is? I disabled it in favor of McAfee Personal Firewall which I've been using. I'm curious to know whether it's any better than McAfee and/or a smaller footprint.


The new SP2 wireless panel seems a lot better, but I won't be able to test it until later this week.



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I'm using SP2 and no, no problems. I use McAfee Personal Firewall and Antivirus. In fact, the firewall and AV is integrated into SP2's new security panel. I don't know if ZoneAlarm integrates. AdAware and SpyBot seem happy happy with SP2 -- I ran both this evening with nothing odd happening.


The new wireless panel is better than the old. The pop blocker in IE is nice, but it isn't important to me since I use FireFox. The Windows Update has been freshened and the Add/Remove Programs dialogue now lists only your programs unless you check off on Windows updates.



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Originally posted by Cyberwoo@Aug 11 2004, 07:17 PM

I'm curious if it has problems with ZoneAlarm Pro, AVG anti virus ...

Here's what C|Net says in their SP2 review:


If you're using eTrust EZ Antivirus, F-Secure, McAfee Security, Panda, Symantec/Norton, or Trend Micro, SP2 hooks into your software and alerts you when updates are available. If you use more obscure software, such as Frisk's F-Prot, you can click an "I'll take care of it myself" box to avoid constant warnings that your system is not secure.



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