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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! BruceB Information


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BruceB must now change his name to Brucecheese.


The b@st@rd did an onside kick with under a minute to play up 31-10.


He moved his D line so far out that even though the game was in Miami his lineman was in California.


He is mean to old ladies.


His feet smell.


He kicks his dog.


He poops on the street**


His real name isn't bruce btw it's betsy.


He's dating Jeff Garcia.




**we have witnesses

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Lupin, you forgot,...


He also drinks out of the milk carton!

You know, the half gallon cardboard milk carton, the one with the pointy spout that gets crusty yellow after milk seeps into the paper and drys. How terrible it must be for his poor family, ...imagine, his kid has to swap spit with dad every morning when pours that crusty milk over his Cookie Crisp!


Bruce, you are a bad, bad man!

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