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Where can I find some good RDRAM?

Andre F

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RDRam is still kicking and easily findable. Though DDR is pretty much the defacto and standard ram placed in almost all OEM comps these days there are still several big OEM's like Dell for instance still using RDRAM so there isn't much to fear yet Andre.


As for where to buy, Ive used this company before:




Pretty good pricesa and they are very reliable. I bought 2 256mb PC1066 sticks for 180 which is pretty nice price for RDRAM.

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I buy all my RAM from Crucial.com. Although I've never bought RDRAM from them, I'm suer they have it stocked, and they have great prices as well.


No, they don't at least not for my configuration. I was shocked to see they didn't sell it, but they don't. :(

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