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Triumph The Insult Dog on DVD


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If you guys didnt know a DVD Best of Triumph the Insult Dog came out this past week. It has all the best bits he has done


First Westminster Dog Show

Triumph at Hollywood Squares

Triumph Meets Bon Jovi

Westminster Dog Show 2

Triumph at 2002 MTV Video Music Awards


and my Favorites

Star Wars Premiere

Triumph in Quebec



If you like triumph or just want to laugh for a hour, definatly one to pick up. .All the sketches have more then what shown on TV



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The Quebec Skit is from when Conan was in canada. Triumph went to quebec to make fun of everyone and the audience loved it. Caused a bit of a stir in quebec of course, but it was very very funny since half the people didnt understand what he was saying (because they speak french there)

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There is much much more than what Joey has listed there. That is simply of the best of "program". The "special features" include Triumph's first appearance, and best of montage of his guest "interaction", the Pets.com press conference, Hawaii American Idol auditions, 2001 VMAs, Hollywood tour, Westwinster #3, A Couple of Mutts, Christmas Special, 8 nipples (8 Mile parody), Outtakes from Bon Jovi, Star Wars, Hawaii, and Quebec, and the music video for I Keed.


It's not completely comprehensive as there is a LOT of guest interaction stuff that he's done, as well as appearences on the Daily Show, TV Funhouse (the series, not the SNL stuff), and whatnot, but it's certainly more than an hour of material.

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