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Sid Meiers "Pirates" confirmed for Xbox

Derrik Draven

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Here's the article...Pirates!


Played this WAAAAAAAAAAY back in the day on the Amiga. It was very fun, was completely open ended. Go where you want, do what ya want, be who you want.


You could work for a Dutch, English, Spanish governor, or totally work for yourself. You could attack forts from land or sea, travel to whatever cities along the Spanish Main, that you wanted. Get married, find long lost loved ones, make one hell of a fortune raiding towns and sinking ships. Or, if you're not such a hot pirate, spend many years in jails and be forced into early retirement without succeeding at much.


Or, you could just simply move goods about the Caribbean and lead a very simple life.


Totally up to you. This was back in '87.


Perhaps the coolest little feature of the original game was "the further exploits of pirate (your name)". It would tell a little story about how your life turned out after you retired from pirating. It would take into account all the things you did in life, all the land you gained, the money you hoarded, the titles you retained and, whether or not you married the governor hot little daughter or, some bookwormy shrew, if you found any of your family or not and, finally it would mention where you ranked in society with all your accomplisments figured in.


Sounds like no big deal but, it was actually pretty damn cool. I really hope they have kept that in and, possilbly have expanded on it.

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I'm sure they have.


I have high hopes for this game, just because it's an updated version of Pirates!


Hey, it's one of THE classic PC games. Fantastic; that little wrap-up of your future exploits is vintage Sid Meier and very good at giving you incentive to keep your career as high action as possible.

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Fantastic news, now we can enjoy pirates in 5.1 sound right on the couch. I would like to see some upgrades to the storylines and such from the original (meaning let there be objective based scenarios if desired), but mostly I hope it retains whatever made the original so darn great.


Please, please, please let it be as fun and engaging as the original.

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