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Memory card

Guest Bryan

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Bryan, the Black Memory Card 251 is the card I'm using at the moment.


Same here. After all the horror stories I've heard about 3rd party cards, I'm sticking with brand name on this one. I have a spare small card and I haven't had to use it yet. The 251 has a load of room, but those seasons are gonna take up an arse load of space.

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Just to emphasize what you guys have already said...


I've always heard to stay away from 3rd party memory. Sure, with one of those cards you can hold 10x the amount of a regular card, but you are almost assured that you will lose that data somewhere along the way.


I've never lost any data on any memory cards. But then again, I only but 1st party cards.


Use the unauthorized cards at your own risk!

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I've always heard to stay away from 3rd party memory.


I'll back this up. I've personally known two people who lost fifty-hour plus Final Fantasy games on the PSOne due to third-party cards. Look at your games and tell me when you'd ever want to risk losing that much data ;).


I would've screamed personally.

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I bought the 251block 3rd party memory card (interact i believe)last year when madden came out. The thing didn't work at all. I'm kinda glad i didn't start using it only to have it crap out on me because then i would have been mad.

Luckily because it never worked i was able to return it and get the nintendo brand, it's worked great for me.

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