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Any Chris Sawyer fans out there?


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I am indeed a fan, yes. I am rather fond of games of management games it must be said, and I am a Rollercoaster Tycoon fanatic as you can see from my thread on RCT3, so I hold Sawyer in high regard oin grounds of creating RCT alone.


The man REALLY needs to re-design his website though. :)


For those wanting direct links to Gamespot's Locomotion coverage:

Hand's on Preview

Screenshot Archive



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I bought Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 for my wife after she spent three hours or so playing it at her mother's house. Unfortunately, just as she did with The Sims, she hasn't touched it since.


I love the concept of the genre, and I even tried my hand at Rollercoaster Tycoon 2, but ultimately I end up finding creative ways to screw things up. It just doesn't hold my interest long enough.

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While the new game may be fun, the guy really needs to get out of the graphic engine dark ages.


Yes I agree. I was surprised Locomotion looks so much like RCT in the graphical department, and indeed the grid system layout of building on terrain is near identical. Visually it is nothing to diminish my interest of course, but I dare say it is enough for some out there to be put off, which is a shame for Sawyer if no one else.



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I think thats the beauty of Sawyer though. I picture the guy sitting in his apt with the door locked, with a surplus of hot-pockets, jolt and thin mints just going to town on making an incredible game. I think his ability to take a simple "looking" game and make it so incredibly addicting is amazing. so he'll continue to get my vote, dark ages or not.

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