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Scarface The World is Yours (PS2, Xbox)

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EGM has a preview of the Scarface game that goes into a lot more depth than what was available on websites when the game was announced. So far the game is not looking amazing, but I'm still extremely interested since it's Scarface. The graphics, in particular, look a bit dated.


Some highlights:


-looks to be more of a third person shooter than a GTA type game, although one of the screenshots showed a GTA-like autotarget system so I wonder how much of a shooter it will be

-Cars, planes, and boats are driveable but most of the screens show on-foot action

-Apparantly you can make deals with drug lords and then resell the drugs to local dealers. It will be interesting to see how much micromanagement you get here

-You get two dialogue options when addressing people that will likely be along the lines of 'extremely offensive' and 'mildly offensive'.

-The preview highlights a special "rage mode" where if you kill enough people, it switches to first person, enemies are slowed, and you don't take damage (think rampage at the end of the movie)

-You can get henchmen who will shoot while you drive, or you also have the option of shooting while the henchmen drives

-The game does not mirror the movie's storyline, but rather assumes an alternate ending for the movie and picks up where the movie left off



I hope Scarface at least turns out average, as I've really been wanting a Scarface game ever since I saw the DVD.

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I've really been wanting a Scarface game ever since I saw the DVD.


Doesn't Vice City honestly come close enough though? I mean it literally lifts key locations, sets and a couple of scene inspired moments from the De Palma remake to such an extent that I am continuously amazed Rockstar didn't end up in trouble with Universal. :D



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Doesn't Vice City honestly come close enough though? I mean it literally lifts key locations, sets and a couple of scene inspired moments from the De Palma remake to such an extent that I am continuously amazed Rockstar didn't end up in trouble with Universal


Exactly what I was going to say :) (Not to mention GTA3 lifting the soundtrack from Scarface for the Flashback radio station.) Universal will have to work very hard to make a game that can out-Scarface Vice City.

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I would say Vice City isn't close enough. Realistically speaking, that Vercetti cock-a-roach would be eaten alive by Tony Montana. Vice City is a bit too cartoony for my tastes so hopefully Scarface will deliver something darker and more extreme.


That said, I think they may be going down the wrong path with this game since I doubt the developer is willing to devote the high level of resources needed to out-GTA GTA. Something along the lines of Dead to Rights may have been more feasible and true to the movie, with lots of wild shootouts along the lines of Scarface's awesome climax.

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  • 2 years later...

So I decided to take a chance on Tony this afternoon and picked up Scarface The World is Yours on the Xbox. You know what? It's actually pretty damned good! The voice actor they used to play Tony is almost perfect and the way they continue the story from the film is pretty slick. (it picks up right where the movie left off and lets you rewrite the ending by partaking in the final gun fight in Tony's mansion).


The actual mechanics behind the gunfights in the game are really neat in that you can lock onto enemies with the left trigger and then adjust which body part you want to shoot using the right analog stick. You get more points for getting head shots or dismembering the opposition. These points go towards filling your "Balls" meter. When full, Montana goes into a rage mode that's meant to duplicate the kind of outright insanity of the final shoot out in the film. In other words you're invincible, you have unlimited ammo, and the game auto-aims for you for maximum destruction. The "Balls" meter can be filled with skillful shooting as well as taunting. Tapping the B button will have Montana screaming his catch phrases from the film including lines like "I take you all to fucking hell!" or my own personal favorite "You think you can take me?! You need a fucking army you gonna take me!"". Everything works really well and the shootouts are a blast.


The driving physics are a little stiff, but very much like Saint's Row you get accustomed to them quickly enough. The game includes a marker system that allows you to track locations. It's not quite as refined as Saint's Row GPS system (which should become completely standard for this genre) but it's a good addition and better than trying to follow a dot on your map.


The music selection in the game is crazy including hits from a slew of hip hop groups, 80's pop music (Carribean Queen!), Rock (Judas Priest) and the FULL Scarface soundtrack (I'm sorry but I can't drive around without having "Push it to the Limit" playing). In total there are well over 100 songs on the disc and it's pretty good stuff.


It goes without saying that Scarface has an extreme amount of profanity. So if you find these types of games offensive, you won't find any wholesome language or innocent situations in this game. When you die the screen proudly proclaims "You fucked up". It's overt, it's profane, it's excessive, and well...it's Scarface (and I wouldn't have it any other way). Something really unique is that the game tries to install some level of ethics in Tony. You cannot kill normal NPC's. You can run them over and get them caught in all kinds of crazy situations but the game does not allow you to point a gun and shoot a "civilian". Tony says something to the effect of "No fucking way mang".:lol


For those interested in the visuals, the Xbox version supports 720p along with support for Widescreen displays if you happen to be playing at 480p. The game looks substantially better than the genre competition and runs at a nice clip. Tony is well modeled and animated well. Pedestrians and other NPC's look as dull as anything you've seen in GTA which isn't a big suprise. You'll also see the usual pop-up and texture glitching issues that are common place for the genre. Isn't it sad that one of the more dull games in the genre happened to get these things right? (I'm talking about Just Cause). Aside from these issues though, Scarface is a nice looking title by current generation standards. The 720p support is also a welcome suprise.


I must be going insane because this is the second "open world" style game that's kind of grabbed me in the past two months. Saint's Row was excellent and Scarface is looking to be a good time as well.


Here's a couple of pics:









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I thought it was canned.

As did I. In fact...


Xbox 360 version cancelled


While Scarface has spread out onto the PSP, it appears that another crime family from the entertainment business has taken over the turf war on the Xbox 360. After a prolonged period of confusion surrounding Scarface: The World is Yours' appearance on next-gen systems (a 360 version of the game was confirmed in May 2005, but has since fallen off of online retailer lists), a Vivendi Games rep confirmed to GameSpot that the game is not headed to the Xbox 360.
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