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Battlefield Vietnam WWII mod.


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Have you ever wondered what Wake Island or Iwo Jima would look and play like with real tropical foliage? Do you love Battlefield Vietnam but you want to be able to relive the classics without having to dig up your 1942 disks?


Now you can!


Available this coming Friday (8/20/04) from Digital Illusions and EA, the World War II mod for Battlefield Vietnam brings three Pacific Theatre maps from Battlefield 1942 into the Battlefield Vietnam engine. But these aren?t straight ports of the original maps. Instead, they make use of all of the upgraded features of the Battlefield Vietnam game engine.


Grab your sniper rifle and crawl through the thick grass and dense tropical foliage of Iwo Jima. Scoot around Wake Island blaring the Battlefield 1942 theme from your Willy?s o?nboard radio. Use the new flamethrower to clear defenders from the airfield during your Invasion of the Philippines. All this and more.


World War 2 Mod Features:


Three Pacific Theatre maps: Iwo Jima, Wake Island and Invasion of the Philippines.

Improved player customization using the Battlefield Vietnam-style kit, body and head selection interface.

Flamethrower kits can be picked up by any soldier and used to wreak havoc o?n bunkers and exposed infantry.

All Battlefield weapons and vehicles from the Pacific Theatre have been rebuilt to take advantage of the Battlefield Vietnam engine.

New animations for all kit weapons, to bring them up to the standards set with the Vietnam-era weapons in BFV.

Battlefield Vietnam gameplay tweaks: 3D Map, capture timer, and use of kit weapons from open positions. World War II Mod

Stay tuned to this web space over the next couple of days as we will have other updates pertaining to the release of this mod.


Tomorrow, that's Wednesday, we'll post some comparison screenshots to show off the mod.


Source: BF:V Official Site




We'll be running a server for this. Sounds quite interesting ... looking forward to the flamethrowers!



Heres a link to some pics. The differences in foliage is amazing.



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I've been playing this mod since release and although there's only 3 maps we're hoping that the rest will be redone.


This is the best mod I have ever played for the Battlefield series, better than Desert Combat, Eve Of Destruction, Forgotten Hope, Galactic Conquest and many more. Of course, those are BF1942 mods and this is one of the first for BFV.


Its definetly worth the download guys if your into BF and BFV.


A couple screenshots:




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