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Counter-Strike: Source Beta!

Chris F

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Any owners of CS:Condition Zero, or those with the ATI HL2 coupon are eligible to participate in the Counter-Strike: Source beta test!


Counter-Strike is the world's most popular online game, and this version of it has been built with the Source engine. The Source engine is currently what Valve is using to create Half-Life 2.


Counter-Strike: Source will be the online portion included with Half-Life 2, so this is a good chance to play the game and test out the technology behind it!


Download Steam here:



If you'd like to try out CS:Source, and you don't have CS:Condition Zero, I recommend purchasing a CD Key from someone on Ebay (choose a reliable seller of course!) and use that CD Key to register CS:Condition Zero!


Later tonight during the release of CS:Source, there wil also be included:

A Valve Source technology benchmark!

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