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Bubble Bobble


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Just bought the European version for Gameboy, which has the original plus a remix.


However I've done some research and discovered there are quite a few games in the series that never made it to America.


Considering the PlayStation version is still going for $60 to $90 on eBay, Taito (?) should consider a Bubble Bobble retrospective disc like the recent Sonic and MegaMan collections. Anyone agree?

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Replacing my MAME versions of Bubble Symphony, Bubble Memories and so on with 'proper' UK releases would be great, yes. Actually, I nearly gave in and threw ?300 (something like $550) on the arcade machine of Bubble Bobble the other day. Which would have been silly.

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It WOULD have been silly, except that it was Bubble Bobble ;).


Bubble Bobble is one of my favorite no-brainer arcade games, though some of those levels are totally, absolutely, one-hundred percent unfair.


I had (and subsequently sold for three times what I bought it for because people are suckers :P) the PSOne version and it was fantastic good fun, but the limit on credits made it impossible to complete because frankly there are some levels in that game that are point blank unfair/impossible if you screw them up.


I'd love a compilation disc of some kind, since I've never played Parasol Stars or Bubble Symphony. Although frankly it would illustrate just how outright terrible Rainbow Islands truly is.


What I'd like to see is a port of Tumblepop, which is one of the best Bubble Bobble knock-offs I've played. That's a Data East game though :). Maybe they need a cross-licensed "Bubble Bobble & Friends" featuring all the rip-offs that have been done. Then we could put Snow Bros. on there as well :tu:

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The GameBoy version I ended up buying has an AI character that you can use to help you defeat the game. However I think this is on the "new" version.


Never played Parasol Stars or Bubble Symphony. I did play a Bubble Bobble 2 on MAME that might as well have been one of these, but I'm not sure. I liked it even better than the original!

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Just spent a nice wee half hour playing Bubble Bobble on the Saturn.


I loved it back in the day on the C64 & Atari ST (a great conversion) - there were some excellent home ports done of this game by a team of people who truly loved the game & the game mechanics, rather than just doing a job to port it.


However, the version I've played the most by far is the rather average version for the Sega Master System. For some reason, my mum & younger sister got addicted to it, so it was a regular fixture on our dining room table with the second TV hooked upto it. I'd help them out whenever they got stuck. Hours & hours of play. Good times.

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