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Colecovision Connector Sanity check / funny


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I don't see why it wouldn't work with an Atari; I don't know much about the Colecovision, though.


The Atari outputs the signal the TV needs, so no complex circuitry is needed -- the old switchbox was just to allow an antenna to connect to the TV at the same time.


But if you're asking this because you know the Colecovision is different, then I don't know.

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I believe that it does work - I do remember reading about it somewhere - have to dig to come up with the info, though.


That connector should work with Colecovision, as well as Intellivision & most Atari systems. It won't work with the 5200, though - that had a really funky setup as to its power & TV connections.

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Thats weird - Makes me wonder how it knows what channel it should be on. I thought one one of the main purposes of the RF modulator was to synch it to a station.



Well this is good to know because that would be a good way to hook up multiple older systems - rig up an RCA switch box and have the output go to one of those thingamabobers.

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