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Advantages/Disadvantages of buying games online?


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As soon as I pay the bills for my apartment, I'm thinking about purchasing Silent Hill 3 for the PS2. But then it got me to thinking about buying games online.


So I guess it's now time for members to give me the pros and cons of online purchasing for games. I do it all the time for DVD's, but I'm not so sure about videogames.

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By online do you mean eBay/Auction purchases or from e-tailers? In both cases I would say the main drawback is simply the wait time between purchase and receipt.


I have never had a problem buying used games on eBay, but I'm very careful to read the auction description for indications of wear and tear.

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Excessive shipping and handling charges are a con, but no tax is a pro. Online sites don't often have coupons. I generally go to Best Buy and use the Gamer Gift Card to save $5 on new games, but scour the 'net for close-out prices on older games. EB Games often slashes prices pretty low, both b&m and online. Used games I usually get from Game Crazy.

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you can get free overnight shipping and stuff if you keep checking the sites daily. I pretty much have never paid for shipping when buying games online


Yes, I keep an eye on Gamestop.com's "Stopwatch Sales" and wait for free shipping or free overnight shipping promotions. One has to plan pretty far ahead to get that, though. I'm getting Soul Calibur II shipped free overnight.

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